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Garden of Eden Christian Academy

Garden of Eden Christian Academy is a state of the art early learning facility.  As a leader in the child care industry, we are committed to creating opportunities to achieve superior outcomes for children and families.  Garden of Eden provides services to meet the needs of working parents, singles, students and their children.

Garden of Eden is a participant of Louisiana's Quality Start Child Care Rating system.  We are steadfast in providing quality child care, promoting the well-being of your child, and sustaining a high quality team-oriented work environment and community that continually improves services.

Garden of Eden provides a safe and secure environment for children during their most important years of growth.  A full program is available that concentrates on each child's cognitive, physical, social, emotional and spiritual development.  Our weekly program is combined with the ABEKA curriculum which provides a Christian concept with each lesson.

A Message from Our Executive Director
Our Mission

Garden of Eden's mission is to enrich the quality of family life by providing peace of mind to parents by enhancing the life experience of the children in our care.

What's New At G.O.E.C.A.


    The staff at Garden of Eden Christian Academy would like to thank all of our parents for your loyalty, support, and prayers during and post Hurricane Issac.  We made every effort to repair and reopen in a timeyly fashion, and are truly grateful for our returning students and staff members.  Our deepest sympathy goes out to the community for your loss.  Though the affects from Hurricane Issac were totally unexpected, we are thankful to God that no lives were lost during this tragedy.  Mr. and Mrs. Williams have touched basis with our parents  (returning/non returning), and all of our students are doing well.  It is our mission, at this time, to provide a sense of normalcy for our students.  We would like to congratulate you, our parents and staff, on helping us make this happen.  Our prayers are with each and every one of you.


               Questions and Answers will be posted on the District’s website and Facebook page.)




If I can’t get back to the parish immediately, what do I do about school?

Families who are unable to return home can enroll in their child in a public school in the parish where they are currently residing for the duration of their evacuation—whether their relocation lasts a couple of weeks or several months. When families return home, they will be able to transfer their child to their original parish school.

What if I don’t have school uniforms due to my home being flooded?

The uniform policy will be waived for students who lost their clothing and possessions in the hurricane.

If I am living outside of the parish, will transportation be provided for my child to attend school in St. John Parish?

No, parents will be responsible for transporting their child from outside of the parish to a school in the parish. We want all of our students to attend their original school; however, transportation beyond parish lines is not possible.

How many days will teachers/students have to make up?

The district is working with the Louisiana Department of Education to determine what will be required to meet the minimum time requirements. According to the State Superintendent, "At this time, districts and schools in danger of not meeting the requirement have two options for recovering lost instructional time:

• Add days to the school calendar either at the end of the school year or on scheduled holidays

• Add minutes to the beginning or end of the school day

The governing authority of a public elementary or secondary school may authorize some or all of its schools to modify the total number of instructional minutes per day and instructional days per year as long as the total number of instructional minutes per year for each school is no less than 63,720."

Will employees lose their jobs?

No, employees will not be laid off at this time.


Can employees enter the buildings to get personal items? If so, when?

The two flooded schools are currently condemned. If and when the buildings have been determined safe for entry, employees may be allowed to enter.

How will employee placement at other sites be made?

Teachers displaced from the flooded schools will be placed at other schools by grade level if possible. We anticipate staffing the entire grade level or high school pathway, including teachers and students, at one site where possible.

Will teachers have teaching manuals and other materials to use?

Teachers will be provided with replacement materials, including teacher’s manuals.

Will employees be able to claim personal losses of items in their classrooms/offices?

Any personal items must be covered by the employee’s personal insurance.

What should I do about school items that were in my home when it flooded?

Employees should report any school items that were damaged to their principal or immediate supervisor.

Who do I contact about donating school supplies, uniforms, or monetary donations to the parish?

Page Eschette, Coordinator of Federal Programs, is coordinating efforts for the district. She can be contacted at 985


5361106 x2204 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .






Mission Statement:
To enrich the lives of the students of G.O.E. by allowing parents and grandparents to actively participate in their child's education at an early age.

*Membership is open to all parents and grandparents who have a child/children enrolled at G.O.E.

*The following projects and/or topics will be discussed: 1. Uniform/Coat drive, 2. New G.O.E. parent welcome committee, 3. Book exchange, 4. Parent Volunteers, 5. Parent survey, and 6. Parent/Teacher conference.

Ms. Martha Ross would like to thank all those who are able to attend the meeting, and exchange ideas.  We hope to see you there.


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